Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy (The Major Difference)

The Major Difference Between Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

When you get injured who do you go and see? What is the major difference between the two professions?

Physical therapists tend to look into rehabilitation, strengthening, and stretching exercises.  Basically, when you get injured you try and rehab that particular area.  In my opinion, my most physical therapist places are reactive in that they wait until you are injured (most people do that anyway).  Additionally, most physical therapist will see you initially and then send you to do self directed rehab where you will likely work with a rehab tech and not necessarily with the PT themselves.

Chiropractic on the other hand focuses on adjustments to the spine and other areas to help restore mobility, range of motion, and mechanics to the spine.  This in turn stimulates that brain and spinal cord (CNS) which controls all your body.  Many Chiropractors focus on quality of life, wellness, and being proactive not reactive.

In summery, you should likely being doing both!  You can achieve much greater benefits when you combine therapists and work together than independently.

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