302 – Professional Athlete’s Success Story. Pain to Podium


Professional Athlete’s Success Story.

Andris is a professional athlete in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He competes and trains out of Atos HQ in San Diego.  About 8 months ago Andris begin to get injured more often until that eventually lead to a severe low back pain injury.  From there, he was having a lot of limitations and could no longer use his body and train it the way he should be!

After a lot of struggles, he was eventually referred to us and that is where the real story begins.  Over time his lower back and hips had developed a lot of compression, torque, and was just in need of some love and care!  We had placed Andris on a 2 month care plan and within 2 weeks he started to feel a lot better.  After continuing care for a bit longer, he had noticed less pain, more mobility, and had been able to recover better after training sessions! Andris had to lay off of jiu-jitsu competition for nearly 8 months and there was a lot of frustration!  After working with Andris, we were able to perform Active Release, Graston, myofascial release, and Chiropractic Care to help get him on the road to recovery.  Fast forward a bit and Andris competed at a jiu-jitsu competition up in Long Beach where we placed 2nd at the black belt level.

Even better, he has more body awareness, feels better, has no pain, and is back doing what he loves to do!

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