301 – Undo Years of Sitting & Bad Posture (Table Top Pose)


Poor Posture Fix 

We are all guilty of being on the phone, lap-top computers, and sitting too long.  Over time this really has a huge impact on the way our muscles and joints align.  With all the forward flexion we tend to round the spine, shoulders, and our neck becomes drawn forward.  Do this for a few years and eventually you will end up with neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, or elbow pain.

Here we should you a fairly advanced exercise called table top pose.  This exercise is when you are in extension with most of your joints.  By extending the joints you are essentially undoing all the flexion based postures you do at work or when sitting.  Here you can see it takes a lot of core strength as well as proper positioning of the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back.  By performing this exercise for 10seconds to 1min you can really help your posture and reduce the chances of pain.

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