304 – Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Knee pain is a big deal because it truly influences your overall mobility!  It is also a very common joint hurt in a lot of athletics and sports.  The popletius muscle is a muscle that runs behind the leg and connects from the femur to the tibia.  It helps to rotate the tibia.

Those suffering pain in the back of the knee and/or with turning, twisting, torquing motions may have an issue with this.  In addition, those who have an ACL injury may experience pain as this muscle has to work much harder in order to do not only its job, but the job of stabilizing the knee.

This release is a great one as it can really alleviate knee pain both in the front and the back.  When doing this, be very careful that you do not hit the nerve, artery, or vein.  If you do you there can be associated sharp pain, numbness, tingling or shooting pain that goes down the back of the calf.

When doing this release, make sure to hold that position for a couple of seconds then start the process over again.

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