What makes this Chiropractic clinic different from all the rest?

San Diego Spine & Sports Wellness is a practice dedicated to serving patients who are striving for better health. We take pride in our work by using Chiropractic, lifestyle recommendations, and educating patients. The way we make a difference is by helping people get out of pain and get back to doing the things you love!  Instead of telling you to avoid certain activities, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.  Whether this is weight lifting, running, or hiking.

We create a healing environment that inspires self-awareness, fosters education, and empowers individuals to unlock their potential through better movement.

Our vision is to become the premier Chiropractic clinic in San Diego by positively impacting others through better movement.

We are deeply committed to our mission and vision through our philosophy and core values.

Update: As of 2020 we now take insurance and offer other discounted services.  While it is always best to tackle the root cause of someone’s problem we have made a shift to help more people achieve high-quality care without costing so much!

Learn more about Dr. Josh (Sports Chiropractor in San Diego) in this interview:


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