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304 – Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Knee pain is a big deal because it truly influences your overall mobility!  It is also a very common joint hurt in a lot of athletics and sports.  The popletius muscle is a muscle that runs behind the leg and connects from the femur to the tibia.  It helps to rotate the tibia.

Those suffering pain in the back of the knee and/or with turning, twisting, torquing motions may have an issue with this.  In addition, those who have an ACL injury may experience pain as this muscle has to work much harder in order to do not only its job, but the job of stabilizing the knee.

This release is a great one as it can really alleviate knee pain both in the front and the back.  When doing this, be very careful that you do not hit the nerve, artery, or vein.  If you do you there can be associated sharp pain, numbness, tingling or shooting pain that goes down the back of the calf.

When doing this release, make sure to hold that position for a couple of seconds then start the process over again.

303 – Spinal Mobility & Rotation (Spine Twist)

Spinal Mobility and Warm Up

Having a stiff and immobile spine can not only limit your motion, but how your nervous system functions.  Your central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord.  How the spine functions has a direct impact on the function of the nerves that come out of the spine as well as the brain and spinal cord.  As a result, it is to your great advantage to make sure you have good motion within the spine.

This exercise, which is a twisting spinal movement is great because it stimulates a lot of the areas of the spine and even the hips.  You can use this spinal twist and movement pattern as a warm up prior to exercise (dynamic warm-up).  Using the hand on the floor you can gain leverage to help improve your spinal twist.  If possible, hold the position for a couple seconds and then proceed to the other side.

302 – Professional Athlete’s Success Story. Pain to Podium


Professional Athlete’s Success Story.

Andris is a professional athlete in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He competes and trains out of Atos HQ in San Diego.  About 8 months ago Andris begin to get injured more often until that eventually lead to a severe low back pain injury.  From there, he was having a lot of limitations and could no longer use his body and train it the way he should be!

After a lot of struggles, he was eventually referred to us and that is where the real story begins.  Over time his lower back and hips had developed a lot of compression, torque, and was just in need of some love and care!  We had placed Andris on a 2 month care plan and within 2 weeks he started to feel a lot better.  After continuing care for a bit longer, he had noticed less pain, more mobility, and had been able to recover better after training sessions! Andris had to lay off of jiu-jitsu competition for nearly 8 months and there was a lot of frustration!  After working with Andris, we were able to perform Active Release, Graston, myofascial release, and Chiropractic Care to help get him on the road to recovery.  Fast forward a bit and Andris competed at a jiu-jitsu competition up in Long Beach where we placed 2nd at the black belt level.

Even better, he has more body awareness, feels better, has no pain, and is back doing what he loves to do!

301 – Undo Years of Sitting & Bad Posture (Table Top Pose)


Poor Posture Fix 

We are all guilty of being on the phone, lap-top computers, and sitting too long.  Over time this really has a huge impact on the way our muscles and joints align.  With all the forward flexion we tend to round the spine, shoulders, and our neck becomes drawn forward.  Do this for a few years and eventually you will end up with neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, or elbow pain.

Here we should you a fairly advanced exercise called table top pose.  This exercise is when you are in extension with most of your joints.  By extending the joints you are essentially undoing all the flexion based postures you do at work or when sitting.  Here you can see it takes a lot of core strength as well as proper positioning of the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back.  By performing this exercise for 10seconds to 1min you can really help your posture and reduce the chances of pain.

Ep 300 – Professional Athletes Gets Chiropractic For Low Back Pain (Jiu-Jitsu)

Professional Athlete Seeks Sports Chiropractor

In our office we see all types of patients all the way from children to professional athletes.  In this video we show the treatment we used to help a professional jiu-jitsu athlete recover from back pain and some nerve pain.

In this session we perform Chiropractic adjustments to help improve mobility and stimulate the nervous system, while we also perform Active Release Technique to help break down scar tissue, promote blood flow, healing, and take the pressure off of the nerve.

In addition to this treatment, the athlete had underwent Graston Technique in past visits.  In this particular case, the athlete had an 8month lay off from competition due to injuries.  Not quite something you can afford when your full time job is your body.  Nearly two months ago Andris came into the office and now he is feeling better than before the injury and back to full time competition.

We LOVE seeing people achieve their GOALS and DREAMS!!!

Ep 299 – What Does Pain Mean?

What Does Pain Mean?

Pain comes in all forms.  From burning your hand on a hot stove to neck, low back, hip shoulder, etc.  but WHAT IS PAIN?

Pain is a neurological signal sent to the body from the brain!  It is a way of brain communicating that there is damage, injury, or an unpleasant stimuli that can hurt you or create further injury to the body.

If you are currently in pain and been suffering for a while with pain, this is a signal that you MUST change and do something different.  It is a way if your body crying for help and that something is wrong.  If something is crying for help and is wrong well… you guessed it, it needs to be saved and you need to do something!

When you are in pain, you cannot thrive and truly be well.  When in pain and chronic pain you body then sends signals that increase inflammation, and they also release stress hormones all the time.  I encourage you that if you are still reading on and are in pain MAKE THAT CHANGE!  Go see a professional that can help, stop guessing, being stubborn, and start feeling and more importantly LIVING WELL.  You will thank me but more importantly, you will thank yourself.

Ep 297 – Chiropractic. Do You Have A Bone Out Of Place?

Chiropractic. Do You Have a Bone Out of Place?

Traditional or old school Chiropractic thought was if you have a bone out of place it can place pressure on a nerve which can then cause dysfunction.  The truth is you likely DO NOT have a bone out of place and the old school model of Chiropractic is not only inaccurate and flat out wrong but it oversimplifies what actually happening to the body.

Basically, if you have a bone that is out of place that means you have a dislocation.  According to all the research and modern day practice, we know that when we are aligning or doing adjustments to the spine we are stimulating the nervous system to heal as I had mentioned in other videos.  We are NOT putting a bone back into place.  We are simply putting pressure onto a joint (adjusting it), adding more movement to it which creates that favorable stimuli that we are looking for.

So Why Do Many Chiropractors Still Say Bone Out Of Place?

Hmmmm good question.  Well, the most obvious answer would be flat out laziness.  It is such an easy concept to understand which is bone out of place = pain and problem but as I mentioned it is not only incorrect but it provides a dis-service to the patient because you are not properly educating them on what is exactly happening.  The result also leads to improper perception of Chiropractic within the profession itself.

Lets face it, educating people is timely and energy consuming therefore, most people try and skip the necessary step to expedite the process.  Chiropractors need to remember that the word “Doctor” means “to teach.”  Yes, we are supposed to help others with their body but we are supposed to teach and educate others.

The conclusion leads to an overly simplistic model, poor doctor education and communication as well as an undereducated patient.  Anyone who uses this bone out of place model without the use of some depth is likely missing the true premises of what Chiropractic is and NOT properly taking the time to educate others.

Ep 296 – Prayer Squat Pose

Prayer Squat Pose

If you think about pre-historic man, we used to squat and kneel often.  We would often be in these types of postures but modern computers, sitting, driving has altered our life, posture, and influenced un-natural movements that create muscle/joint imbalances which contributes to things like lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

If you are someone who sits a lot, needs to improve your mobility or posture then this is a fantastic exercise.  The prayer squat pose requires your to squat down and place your elbows on the inside of the knees.  While performing this exercise you will have to try and squat your butt to the floor or as close as it goes.

By doing this you will force a lot of weight into the ankles, knees, and hips.  As a result, this requires ankle mobility (in extension), some mild knee flexibility, and even more hip movement.

Since the body is innately smart and if you do not have the range of motion you need, your body will compensate.  One of the ways your body will compensate in this position is that you will round the back.  This also indicates that you may have poor back extension and too tight of shoulders.  Well, with time and practice on this exercise you can increase your mobility in all these areas.

Start by doing this exercise and holding the position for at least 10-15 seconds if you can.  From there, slowly ramp up your time and you will notice improvements.

Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy (The Major Difference)

The Major Difference Between Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

When you get injured who do you go and see? What is the major difference between the two professions?

Physical therapists tend to look into rehabilitation, strengthening, and stretching exercises.  Basically, when you get injured you try and rehab that particular area.  In my opinion, my most physical therapist places are reactive in that they wait until you are injured (most people do that anyway).  Additionally, most physical therapist will see you initially and then send you to do self directed rehab where you will likely work with a rehab tech and not necessarily with the PT themselves.

Chiropractic on the other hand focuses on adjustments to the spine and other areas to help restore mobility, range of motion, and mechanics to the spine.  This in turn stimulates that brain and spinal cord (CNS) which controls all your body.  Many Chiropractors focus on quality of life, wellness, and being proactive not reactive.

In summery, you should likely being doing both!  You can achieve much greater benefits when you combine therapists and work together than independently.

Ep 294 – Improve Foot Health & Balance With Foam Roller

Improving Foot Health and Balance

With todays modern shoe we often compress and squeeze our feet in there everyday.  Not to mention tight and restricted athletic gear, the lack of barefoot walking, we now have a setup for disaster when it comes to foot health.

The feet are so important because they are literally the first thing that communicates the body with the environment and vice versa.  This communication from the ground up sends feedback to where the body is in space and therefore it influences our body position from that point.  That is why a lot of knee pain, hip pain, and initial phases of compensation (back pain) can be related to poor foot strength.

The more we compress our feet, the more weak and de-conditioned we become.  The more this happens, the greater the risk for injury somewhere throughout the body becomes.  In addition, this can lead to poor balance and coordination.

As we age (and after injury) we tend to lose our coordination and balance.  It is very important that you begin to maintain it from the beginning and that anyone suffering from foot pain and/or an ankle sprain properly rehabilitate the foot so that they can get back health without it causing any further dysfunction along the kinetic chain.

In this episode, rather than rolling out the bottoms of the feet to help foot pain, I show you how to focus on strengthening the foot by literally standing on an uneven surface (unsteady) such as this foam roller.  Standing on the foam roller not only requires great balance but is good for the foot, ankle, and to improve leg strength.  As you continue to complete this balance exercise you will notice that the foot will begin to become fatigued and you will likely lose your balance more often.  At that point you will notice the foot, ankle, and balance connection.  Do this exercise until you foot fatigues and you begin to lose balance but remember, be safe and get off early to avoid injury or falling.