Ep 260 – Thumbs Up For Good Shoulders (Shoulder Pain)

Shoulder Pain Rehab

When talking about shoulder pain it is most often the rotator cuff that is injured.  Most of the time much of the dysfunction and faulty movement patterns occur in the scapula and the muscles surrounding the scapula.  As a result, it is important to strengthen this area to get the joint back into a more optimal position.

When doing this particular exercise for the shoulder you want to make sure that you are getting some thoracic spine extension, strengthening the scapular muscles, and pointing the thumbs up.  This allows out to minimize the possibility for impingement within the shoulder.

When performing rehab its usually best to do higher reps and lower or no weight as seen here.  3 sets of 10 reps is a good starting point and this exercise is much more difficult than it looks.  With time you should start to feel muscles that were otherwise inactive begin to contract and activate. As that happens, you will be in better joint alignment and have better muscle recruitment.  All this will lower the chances of re-injury for the shoulder, upper back, and neck.

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