Ep 262- Reducing Sacroiliac Joint Pain (SI Mobilization)

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Mobilization

Sacroiliac or SI joint pain can mimic lower back pain but the adjustment you and I need to make is a little different.  Here is a mobilization technique you can use to help alleviate some SI joint pain.

On your side you can push right onto the ilium area with your palm of the hand.  Try and orient your force to about 30 Degrees as that is the angle you want to get.  Don’t shove but gently glide the hand up against the ilium and pulse the hand into that angle.  If you go too much over the side you will get more of the lower back so try and be specific.

Continue mobilizing by pushing and pulsing the hand and you will feel the SI joint gap to help alleviate the pain.

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