Ep 269 – Biggest Keto Mistake!

The Number One Keto Mistake

The Keto Diet is a “Diet” that focuses on eating more fat and protein while keeping lower intake of sugar and carbohydrates so that you can burn fat for fuel.  Using ketones has been demonstrated and many report a feeling of mental clarity and other improvements such as bursts of energy.

Although The Keto Diet is said to promote good quality foods, high fiber and vegetable intake I see a lot of my patients trying this with some ups and downs.  The number one mistake I see in The Keto Diet is poor quality food choices.  I know its weird to say that after stating that what the diets intentions are but its just what I see.

People think that since you have lower carbs and you need to eat higher fat and protein that its okay just to grab any meat choice.  Example, instead of eating 2 slices of bacon, many report eating 4-5 and breakfast sausage.  While there has not been any crime committed here, the quality of the meat sources could definitely be better.

When doing this diet or any diet, I urge to switch your thought process to a lifestyle change that encourages sustainability and healthier options.  Just because you can eat more fat doesn’t mean you should choose a lower selection of quality.

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