Ep 272 – Should You Get Cortisone Injections?

Should You Get Cortisone Injections For Your Pain?

Cortisone injections are steroid injections that help reduce pain.  They are commonly injected into the joints such as the ankle, knee, hip, lower back, elbow and shoulder.  The primary goal of these injections are to provide an anti-inflammatory approach.

The reduction in inflammation is associated with a suppressant of the immune system which will reduce the whole inflammatory process itself.  Sometimes the shot can help fairly immediately and other times it it may take 2-3 shots.

Doctors and other medical professionals do not recommend more than 3 shots within the 6 week period and cortisone has bone destructive properties and it can also negatively effect the cartilage growth and ability to heal.

The biggest problem with cortisone is that when you continue to obtain this shot, you are not ever learning how to fix this problem.  Why do you still have it?  What is the cause of the pain?  If you get out of pain with a shot, most people will not do their exercises, stretches, etc to help improve stability and overall body function! As a result, they never fix the problem and the shot becomes a temporary solution.

Most people think “no pain no problem” which is absolutely untrue!  So overall, a shot will not fix a problem but it can certainly help reduce the pain and there is a place in the world for that. Nothing will beat hard work, and learning how to move your body in a better position and space!


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