Ep 276 – When Should You Get An MRI?

Should You Get An MRI for Your Pain?

Most medical providers overuse the MRI technology.  Now before you or I jump to conclusions, I will say  that MRI and diagnostic imaging is important, there are times that it should be used, and you can get a lot of information from these images.

That being said, when you get injured the standard of care should be (and is) that you seek care first.  Essentially, you don’t just jump right into imaging an area.  First of all, its expensive.  Not only do you have to cover the costs of the imaging but the healthcare system has to cover the costs as well.  Seeking care and treatment first can often heal your pain, problem, and dysfunction.  As a result, if you “Fix” your problem then you not are only feeling better but you avoid excessive, unnecessary, and expensive procedures.

Realistically, you should wait and have had professional care for at least 4-8 weeks.  If after that time, then you should consider (notice I said consider) the possibility of the testing.  Symptoms or red flags such as worsening pain, increasing problems, traumas, progressive neurological changes should likely achieve or warrant such examination.

The truth is that many if not most people will get better and heal within time and with professional care.  That is the truth and stick with it!

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