Ep 292 – Treatment Of Rib Injuries Using Graston

Treating Rib Injuries in Jiu-Jitsu with Graston

If you are in sports or even Jiu-Jitsu you will likely come across an anterior (front sided) rib sprain/strain.  The ribs can be very tender and it can often be painful at the cartilage area (especially when doing sit-ups, sneezing, and other forceful activities).  When trying to heal any structure it is important to treat in various directions.  Using Graston Technique we are able to scrape away scar tissue and stimulate blood flow.  This is very important because the cartilage is not very vascular and therefore, healing times may be fairly slow and subject to re-injury.   Any structure that has poor blood flow will likely be slower at healing. This technique, is amazing at improving healing time and improving mobility to affected and injured areas.

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