Ep 310 – Why People Have Low Back Pain?


Low back pain has got to be the number 1 thing I see in my office every day!  Most people have lower back pain for a variety of reasons but many can be prevented.  This goes from improper mobility/movement, poor posture, alignment, stress, and bending.  When you begin to learn how to move better you will feel and perform better.

When bending or lifting a lot of people being to bend and round the spine.  The spine is designed to have some movement but not to have the ability to completely round then take a load or lift something heavy.  That is the job of the hips!  The hips are designed to have great mobility and POWER!  In addition, we have a fairly strong core that is designed to brace the spine and protect it.  Much like an natural weight belt!  So when bending or lifting, the spine should be straight and in a neutral position while the hips and knees do the bending and lifting! The result comes in when you properly lift the object, keep a neutral spine and walk away having the job completed with NO lower back pain.

The chance of back pain occurring increases the more you lift improperly.  This contributes to more “wear and tear” of the spine resulting in pain.  Most will come in saying they hurt the back but the real dysfunction is in the hips and pelvic girdle!  The spine just happened take the forces and is now the symptom of the problem.  Be smart, improve your core strength, and focus on strengthening and balancing the hips to prevent low back pain from ever happening!

In your health,

Dr. Jagoda

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