Ep 317 – Hip Opener + Full Body Exercise

Hip Opener 

Hip mobility is important for many athletes so its important to have not only have strength but flexibility as well.  To increase your movement in the hips we used a pose called lizard pose and we see this a lot in Yoga.

Opening up the hips take a lot pressure off the hip flexors and off the lower back.  Most lower back pain actually occurs as a result of improper movements that originate from a lack of hip movements.  For example, if you do not have good strength and movement into the hips you will being to bend from the spine.  Imagine lifting a heavy box.  When you lift from your spine you are weak but when you lift from the hip and keep your spine tense, you are strong! As a result, having the hip mobility is critical.

Finally, we added a hip core workout called spidermans or alligator walks.  This is a cross crawl type of movement that forces you to have a lot of hip movement, core strengthen and it really gets your heart rate up!  In addition, you can add a push up to help increase your upper body strength!  Again, all this together promotes hip strength, mobility, and braces your core to help prevent back pain.

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