Ep 325 – Pelvic Rocker For Low Back Pain

Isolate Every Area of The Spine!

The pelvic rocker is a way to gain movement and isolate each individual spinal segment and can help you if you are suffering with lower back pain.  The reason it’s so effective is because its very localized, there is a lot of support in the spine, and you combine movement with stability exercises.  To complete this exercise you need a bench.  I recommend something with padding like a gym bench because its firm, has support, and is padded.  By leaning your hips and pelvis off the bench you will be placing the spine into extension.  Often times our spine does not go into this movement so it for some it feels very good, and for others its a very new movement and you need to proceed with caution (especially in those with active lower back pain).  After you get into this position (extension), its a good idea to hold it there for 1-5 seconds.  From this position, you want to engage the core, fire your gluts, and perform a posterior pelvic tilt.  This will fore the spine and core to tighten up.  You should repeat this process and then move around to different segments of the spine.

This exercise can really help with lower back pain because it allows a lot of motion but forces your body to activate its core.

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