Ep 326 – Neck Isometric with Rotation

Neck Strengthening with Isometric & Rotation (Movement)

This exercise is not used very often (as with a lot of neck rehabilitation) and should be because it really helps reduce a lot of neck pain and can prevent things like concussions.  This exercise really helps with the muscles located at the back of the neck but when you add movement and rotation you start to engage a lot more of the neck and spine! Complete this exercise with a bench or padded surface.  It may also be a great idea to put a pillow or two underneath you because if you fall (or are not strong enough/pain) you may want to your butt.  You want to avoid hitting your butt and sacrum on the floor.

When doing the exercise, make sure you have full head contact on the table/bench and you will likely have your upper traps on there as well!  First, see if you can hold this position.  From there, raise your hips up and this will add more strength training to the neck. It is also like a bridge so you will get core activation, hamstring, and glut strengthening!  Hold the neck extension for 3-5 seconds to start but then you can increase with time.  If this is easy, then you can move on to rotation.  DO NOT start rotation movements if you are not strong enough to carry out the extension at first.

This exercise is great because it allows extension of the neck, strengthening  (whole body) and can reduce the risk of injury and neck pain in the future.

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