If you’re reading this, you already know the OLD SCHOOL way of getting through an injury is via Rest, Ice, and pain medications.

Recently, I had a patient who was sent to the ER for back spasms & after a clear x-ray, they sent him home with rest, medications, and…

NO Further Instructions!!  

Seriously, they didn’t tell him what to do, not to do, who to follow up with, what stretches to do, etc.

Fortunately, Pete was already a patient and knew exactly where to go and we immediately started to help reduce the spasms and pain, and get him slowly moving again!

It’s not surprising but he felt 5x better in 1 session than he did in 7 days of pain meds.


For real though, research proves that movement, and rehab, not only strengthens the body to prevent injury, but it can significantly reduce pain!

If this sounds like you, your first goal should be to do some gentle movements that help you feel better, reduce pain levels, increase blood flow, and get you as active as possible.

After that, you’ll NEED TO CORRECT the problem so it doesn’t come back or get worse!

Dr. Josh

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