In order to make sure we give the best possible individualized care, we only accept 40 Active Patients/Clients at a time.  After that, you will be put on a waitlist.

Honesty Policy:  To be completely forward and transparent, our clinic will likely cost more than your average Chiropractor or therapist. That is because we are results based offering a high quality service that incorporates one-on-one evidence based Sports Chiropractic and rehab specific exercises to help you return to sport and activity.  Most if not all Chiropractic clinics do NOT provide the methods of treatment we do, nor do they allow the time we do for each patient.

You will see the prices when you schedule. 

We do our best to make future treatments more affordable by offering package rate discounts. Schedule your visit now!

FAQ’s – We answer many common questions in this video. 

Do You Take My Insurance? Why we don’t  take insurance? After many years contracting with insurance companies we have noticed that insurance companies have began to SEVERELY dictate your care more and more each year.  Insurance companies have created higher deductibles, premiums, co-pays, limits on coverage, and more paperwork that just burdens the patient and in the end, interfere with your treatment.  As a matter of fact, we receive letters every year from insurances stating that they are cutting care.

We work one-one-one to help you get to your goals and as a result, we don’t let anyone dictate or take away from your care and goals! In order to create a “win-win”while obtaining phenomenal care, and get the lowest price possible, we do not work with insurance and have created reduced cost systems and plans.

*HSA/FSA are accepted and encouraged.