In order to make sure we give the best possible individualized care, we only accept 40 Active Patients/Clients at a time.  After that, you will be put on a waitlist.   

Insurance FAQ’s

  • Do You Take My Insurance & Why Do You Bill The Insurance Company For Me? After many years contracting with insurance companies we have noticed that insurance companies have began to SEVERELY dictate your care more and more each year.  Insurance companies have created higher deductibles, premiums, co-pays, limits on coverage, and more paperwork that just burdens the patient and in the end, interfere with your treatment.  We work one-one-one to help you get to your goals and as a result, we don’t let anyone dictate or take away from your care and goals! In order to create a “win-win”while obtaining phenomenal care, and get the lowest price possible, we do not work with insurance and have created reduced cost systems and plans.
  • Can I Get Reimbursed If I Have Insurance? There is definitely a chance you can get reimbursed but you will have to call and follow the steps below. Here is what to do:
    • Call the provider number on the back of the card and ask about your Chiropractic coverage.  Mention our clinic name (San Diego Spine & Sports Wellness) and NPI number (1881926095) when they ask.
    • See if we are “In-network” or “Out-of-network” with your company
    • Ask for deductible information and see what has been met or is remaining
    • What are the number of visits you have left for the year?
    • Let them know you will be submitting a receipt in to get reimbursement or to go towards your deductible
    • Schedule your appointment right away so you can start feeling well again!

In many cases you will obtain reimbursement faster than you expected!