The Iron Shoulder Rehab Program (Video & PDF)


Full step-by-step guide towards healing shoulder pain



About The The Iron Shoulder Program

This program is a complete rehab program that is split into two days just 15-20 minutes per day.  It includes the exercises necessary to strengthen the shoulder and rotator cuff.  It also includes full mobility and myofascial release course for all the common muscles that need attention.  You will not only detailed videos, but you will learn what NOT to do, things to avoid, PDFs, Assessment tools, and much more. T

You should buy this if:

You have had rotator cuff problems, shoulder sprain/strains, impingement syndrome, better posture, more strength for the shoulder girdle, throw faster, labrum tears, and if you are a few weeks out from recent shoulder surgery.

What You Get:

  • Detailed 8-Week Program by a Specialist 
  • 8 Week Tracking Sheet / Print out with PDF
  • Ability to Taper Program
  • Designed to complete in 20-30 min 
  • Video series that shows you how to complete every exercise
  • Videos showing how to advance each exercise
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Self-mobilization exercises
  • Access to a questionnaire to track your progress
  • Education Tools
  • Ways to safely increase weight
  • Skills that will last you a lifetime
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Program