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Ep 380 – Shoulder Press Pain & Rotator Cuff

Ep 379 – Healing Comes in Different Forms!

Ep 377 – Trigger Points & Tight Muscles

Ep 374 – Does You Doctor Give Pills or Solutions?

Ep 366 – Why Your Shoulder Always Hurts?

Ep 356 – Myofascial Release to the SCM for Headaches & Neck Pain

Ep 352 – Why Do You Go to the Gym?

Ep 343 – Sprained Wrist Treatment (1 day old injury)

Ep 340 – Beautiful Chiropractic Adjustment of Mid-Back, Low Back, & SI Joint

This video is a quick clip of the Chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) that we do in our office.  The adjustment is designed to help restore normal range of motion, blood flow, and help the nervous system via neuroplasticity.

Chiropractic adjustments to the spine have been shown to improve neural connections not only within the spine but there has been research that shows the increase in firing patterns within the brain.  Think Chiropractic is just good for the spine?  Think again….

The master controller of the body is the brain and spinal cord.  If you can stimulate the brain and cord to improve its firing you can directly and positively influence the body on a global level.  This includes low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain all the way to improvements in digestion, alertness and cognition.

Ep 334 – Spine Rolling to Standing (One & Two Leg Variations)

Ep 326 – Neck Isometric with Rotation

Neck Strengthening with Isometric & Rotation (Movement)

This exercise is not used very often (as with a lot of neck rehabilitation) and should be because it really helps reduce a lot of neck pain and can prevent things like concussions.  This exercise really helps with the muscles located at the back of the neck but when you add movement and rotation you start to engage a lot more of the neck and spine! Complete this exercise with a bench or padded surface.  It may also be a great idea to put a pillow or two underneath you because if you fall (or are not strong enough/pain) you may want to your butt.  You want to avoid hitting your butt and sacrum on the floor.

When doing the exercise, make sure you have full head contact on the table/bench and you will likely have your upper traps on there as well!  First, see if you can hold this position.  From there, raise your hips up and this will add more strength training to the neck. It is also like a bridge so you will get core activation, hamstring, and glut strengthening!  Hold the neck extension for 3-5 seconds to start but then you can increase with time.  If this is easy, then you can move on to rotation.  DO NOT start rotation movements if you are not strong enough to carry out the extension at first.

This exercise is great because it allows extension of the neck, strengthening  (whole body) and can reduce the risk of injury and neck pain in the future.

Ep 324 – How To Recover From Intense Training

Ep 320 – Why You Shouldn’t Stretch If you Are Injured & In Pain

Why You Should Not Stretch if You are Injured?

Stretching is not what it all said to be.  Yes stretching has benefits such as blood flow, coordination, and can help get you more flexibility but guess what?  There is minimal evidence for stretching and the prevention of injury.

If you ended up getting injured you are likely suffering some tightness, immobility, stiffness, and pain.  Most people jump right into stretching and they think that stretching while injured will help.  WRONG!  It will not help because your body is in spasm.  Essentially, it is in protection mode and that is dictated by your nervous system.  Your body is so smart that its nervous system sends a signal to the muscle and surrounding areas that tells them to “tighten up,” contract and protect that area.

If you stretch in this state, you are only going to be fighting an uphill battle because the nervous system controls everything.  You are not going to stretch intensely and magically get the pain, spasm, and dysfunction to release and I have never seen this personally or professionally happen!

By stretching during the pain you can likely injure the body more and you should move the best you can given your state.  You need to go through ranges of motion, contract muscles, and do it within a painless state if possible.  By doing this you will relax the body rather than putting it through more pain.  When you relax the nervous system, then and only then can you start to work on other areas.

Final thought, stretching is better to help movement patterns but should be done prior to injury NOT during an injury.

Ep 305 – Should You Use A Neck Pillow?

301 – Undo Years of Sitting & Bad Posture (Table Top Pose)


Poor Posture Fix 

We are all guilty of being on the phone, lap-top computers, and sitting too long.  Over time this really has a huge impact on the way our muscles and joints align.  With all the forward flexion we tend to round the spine, shoulders, and our neck becomes drawn forward.  Do this for a few years and eventually you will end up with neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, or elbow pain.

Here we should you a fairly advanced exercise called table top pose.  This exercise is when you are in extension with most of your joints.  By extending the joints you are essentially undoing all the flexion based postures you do at work or when sitting.  Here you can see it takes a lot of core strength as well as proper positioning of the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back.  By performing this exercise for 10seconds to 1min you can really help your posture and reduce the chances of pain.

Ep 300 – Professional Athletes Gets Chiropractic For Low Back Pain (Jiu-Jitsu)

Professional Athlete Seeks Sports Chiropractor

In our office we see all types of patients all the way from children to professional athletes.  In this video we show the treatment we used to help a professional jiu-jitsu athlete recover from back pain and some nerve pain.

In this session we perform Chiropractic adjustments to help improve mobility and stimulate the nervous system, while we also perform Active Release Technique to help break down scar tissue, promote blood flow, healing, and take the pressure off of the nerve.

In addition to this treatment, the athlete had underwent Graston Technique in past visits.  In this particular case, the athlete had an 8month lay off from competition due to injuries.  Not quite something you can afford when your full time job is your body.  Nearly two months ago Andris came into the office and now he is feeling better than before the injury and back to full time competition.

We LOVE seeing people achieve their GOALS and DREAMS!!!

Ep 298 – Prayer Squat Tip (Part 2)

Payer Squat Tip (Part 2)

Earlier in the week we discussed adding ankle, hip, knee, and thoracic spine mobility via the prayer squat.  In Part 1, we did this exercise without shoes which requires a lot more mobility in the ankles and feet.  Sometimes this is difficult to accomplish because we do not yet have the mobility/strength or its too complex of a movement to start that way.

Easy way to fix this… Add shoes!  I know its not the best overall but by adding shoes it then supports the foot and ankle better which then allows you to focus your movements to the knee but mostly the hip and thoracic spine.  I encourage your to begin with this one if you have mobility issues, are too tight, have pain or if you find shoeless is not your preference.

Using shoes is a great building step for this pose to help deepen the strength and stamina of your mobility before you go shoeless.

Ep 279 – Should You Have Bread In Your Diet?

Should You Be Eating Bread?

Bread, is pretty much ubiquitous in the world and in the USA, the government recommends a fair amount of this in your diet but should you actually eat it?

My straight forward answer is NO!  Why?  Well, if you compare the calorie for calorie from bread to most other veggies and fruits you are going to have a significant difference in fiber, micro nutrients (minerals), and quantity of food .

One slice of bread is about 110-120 calories and remember, bread is a process to make.  Broccoli for example to have the equivalent amount of calories would be about 2 cups of broccoli and about 3 1/2 to 4X more Fiber!

Final thought, if you really want a healthier life and body, eat more fruits and veggies.  I am not totally anti-bread, especially if it is going to keep you on track but calorie for calorie, gram for gram, pound for pound, bread is inferior to raw or cooked fruits and veggies. Not to mention fruits and veggies have anti-oxidants and can play a major role in healing and reducing inflammation.

Ep 278 – Shoulder Pain Mash & Movement (Deltoid)

Deltoid Mash for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is something I pretty much see everyday! TRUE shoulder pain can stem from the rotator cuff due to poor mechanics.  As a result, the rotator cuff works too hard and boom, now you have a rotator cuff injury.

In order to get to the deeper structures within the shoulder you often have to get through the deltoid muscle.  This muscle is composed of front, back, and middle fibers and is essentially a flap of muscle the overlaps the entire shoulder.  Learning how to release this muscle can allow you to gain access (easier access) to the rotator cuff injury.  My advice, make sure you do this release first before you attempt other areas in the shoulder as it will loosen things up and make it much more effective.

Ep 277 – Why Jiu-Jitsu Fighters Should See a Chiropractor?