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Ep 324 – How To Recover From Intense Training

Ep 317 – Hip Opener + Full Body Exercise

Hip Opener 

Hip mobility is important for many athletes so its important to have not only have strength but flexibility as well.  To increase your movement in the hips we used a pose called lizard pose and we see this a lot in Yoga.

Opening up the hips take a lot pressure off the hip flexors and off the lower back.  Most lower back pain actually occurs as a result of improper movements that originate from a lack of hip movements.  For example, if you do not have good strength and movement into the hips you will being to bend from the spine.  Imagine lifting a heavy box.  When you lift from your spine you are weak but when you lift from the hip and keep your spine tense, you are strong! As a result, having the hip mobility is critical.

Finally, we added a hip core workout called spidermans or alligator walks.  This is a cross crawl type of movement that forces you to have a lot of hip movement, core strengthen and it really gets your heart rate up!  In addition, you can add a push up to help increase your upper body strength!  Again, all this together promotes hip strength, mobility, and braces your core to help prevent back pain.

Ep 313 – Best Way To Start Exercising Again After Getting Sick

Getting sick sucks and it sucks even more when your illness gets in the way of the gym.  Have you ever tried to come back to the gym after an illness?  I bet your cardio was terrible, you were likely not as strong, and of course didn’t feel right.

Well, there is a right way to get back into it and without sugar coating it, you need to progress slowly!  Especially if you had the flu, cold, or respiratory illness.  If you caught one of these infections there are a few things to note.

First, your body is using energy for its immune system. Even after we are “feeling better” from our sickness we are still not totally recovered!  It can take a week, two, three, or more to fully recover and if you try to do any high intensity workouts you will likely not feel your best as your body is still trying to make sure the infection doesn’t come back!

Secondly, the infection has already done its damage. After getting sick, the infection has already multiplied and spread chemical signals, toxins, and damaged some normal healthy cells.  As a result, it will take some time for the body to recoup and you need to allow for that time.  The body has already sustained some damage and expecting it to work at 100% is not realistic.  If you do go back too much too hard, you can risk weakening your immune system enough that there is a possibility for re-infection.  Keep in mind after exercise your immune system does temporarily lower!

What to do instead?

When recovering from sickness I still stay active BUT you have to make sure you don’t lift too much too hard or start cardio work too soon!  Give your body a chance to recover and do very light weight workouts.  High rep and/or moderate weight is good.  This give a slight increase in heart rate but it is not too much so it will not overwhelm the body.  In addition, you will be circulating blood and lymph flow which is important for the body to heal systemically.  Try to keep the intense cardio at a minimum, do some lifting.  Workout times should be a shorter duration as well and I recommend about 20-35 min if you are used to doing bout 45-1 hour.


Ep 312 – Happy Baby (Spine Mobility & Core)

Happy baby pose is another form of spine rolling but it requires a bit more core activation (especially when going side to side) and some more hip flexibility.  This is a slightly advanced version of spine rolling and when done properly you can add movement not only to the spine, but the muscles themselves

Ep 310 – Why People Have Low Back Pain?


Low back pain has got to be the number 1 thing I see in my office every day!  Most people have lower back pain for a variety of reasons but many can be prevented.  This goes from improper mobility/movement, poor posture, alignment, stress, and bending.  When you begin to learn how to move better you will feel and perform better.

When bending or lifting a lot of people being to bend and round the spine.  The spine is designed to have some movement but not to have the ability to completely round then take a load or lift something heavy.  That is the job of the hips!  The hips are designed to have great mobility and POWER!  In addition, we have a fairly strong core that is designed to brace the spine and protect it.  Much like an natural weight belt!  So when bending or lifting, the spine should be straight and in a neutral position while the hips and knees do the bending and lifting! The result comes in when you properly lift the object, keep a neutral spine and walk away having the job completed with NO lower back pain.

The chance of back pain occurring increases the more you lift improperly.  This contributes to more “wear and tear” of the spine resulting in pain.  Most will come in saying they hurt the back but the real dysfunction is in the hips and pelvic girdle!  The spine just happened take the forces and is now the symptom of the problem.  Be smart, improve your core strength, and focus on strengthening and balancing the hips to prevent low back pain from ever happening!

In your health,

Dr. Jagoda

308 – “Watch What You Eat During The Holiday” Is Bull****

Its no secret that many of us cheat and/or indulge during the holiday time!  As a result some of us gain weight and we often feel guilty based on our decisions.  Many blogs and video talk about “how to make better decisions during the holidays” and they are usually very good tips if you can do it!

For some that does not work so here is another approach.  My opinion is work out HARD! Don’t stop working out and following your diet/nutrition UNTIL its time to cheat.  Work out so hard and follow your diet so well that you can go out and indulge and enjoy yourself without any guilt.  I recognize the this is an extreme version but for many people it work!  Follow your plan all the way to the end.  There will be plenty of time to have that chocolate cake, beer, or whatever and if you work hard enough, you will know for sure that you deserve it!


306 – Shoes Are Bad For You & Cause Whole Body Dysfunction!

304 – Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Hidden Release For Knee Pain (Popletius Muscle)

Knee pain is a big deal because it truly influences your overall mobility!  It is also a very common joint hurt in a lot of athletics and sports.  The popletius muscle is a muscle that runs behind the leg and connects from the femur to the tibia.  It helps to rotate the tibia.

Those suffering pain in the back of the knee and/or with turning, twisting, torquing motions may have an issue with this.  In addition, those who have an ACL injury may experience pain as this muscle has to work much harder in order to do not only its job, but the job of stabilizing the knee.

This release is a great one as it can really alleviate knee pain both in the front and the back.  When doing this, be very careful that you do not hit the nerve, artery, or vein.  If you do you there can be associated sharp pain, numbness, tingling or shooting pain that goes down the back of the calf.

When doing this release, make sure to hold that position for a couple of seconds then start the process over again.

302 – Professional Athlete’s Success Story. Pain to Podium


Professional Athlete’s Success Story.

Andris is a professional athlete in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He competes and trains out of Atos HQ in San Diego.  About 8 months ago Andris begin to get injured more often until that eventually lead to a severe low back pain injury.  From there, he was having a lot of limitations and could no longer use his body and train it the way he should be!

After a lot of struggles, he was eventually referred to us and that is where the real story begins.  Over time his lower back and hips had developed a lot of compression, torque, and was just in need of some love and care!  We had placed Andris on a 2 month care plan and within 2 weeks he started to feel a lot better.  After continuing care for a bit longer, he had noticed less pain, more mobility, and had been able to recover better after training sessions! Andris had to lay off of jiu-jitsu competition for nearly 8 months and there was a lot of frustration!  After working with Andris, we were able to perform Active Release, Graston, myofascial release, and Chiropractic Care to help get him on the road to recovery.  Fast forward a bit and Andris competed at a jiu-jitsu competition up in Long Beach where we placed 2nd at the black belt level.

Even better, he has more body awareness, feels better, has no pain, and is back doing what he loves to do!

301 – Undo Years of Sitting & Bad Posture (Table Top Pose)


Poor Posture Fix 

We are all guilty of being on the phone, lap-top computers, and sitting too long.  Over time this really has a huge impact on the way our muscles and joints align.  With all the forward flexion we tend to round the spine, shoulders, and our neck becomes drawn forward.  Do this for a few years and eventually you will end up with neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, or elbow pain.

Here we should you a fairly advanced exercise called table top pose.  This exercise is when you are in extension with most of your joints.  By extending the joints you are essentially undoing all the flexion based postures you do at work or when sitting.  Here you can see it takes a lot of core strength as well as proper positioning of the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back.  By performing this exercise for 10seconds to 1min you can really help your posture and reduce the chances of pain.

Ep 300 – Professional Athletes Gets Chiropractic For Low Back Pain (Jiu-Jitsu)

Professional Athlete Seeks Sports Chiropractor

In our office we see all types of patients all the way from children to professional athletes.  In this video we show the treatment we used to help a professional jiu-jitsu athlete recover from back pain and some nerve pain.

In this session we perform Chiropractic adjustments to help improve mobility and stimulate the nervous system, while we also perform Active Release Technique to help break down scar tissue, promote blood flow, healing, and take the pressure off of the nerve.

In addition to this treatment, the athlete had underwent Graston Technique in past visits.  In this particular case, the athlete had an 8month lay off from competition due to injuries.  Not quite something you can afford when your full time job is your body.  Nearly two months ago Andris came into the office and now he is feeling better than before the injury and back to full time competition.

We LOVE seeing people achieve their GOALS and DREAMS!!!

Ep 298 – Prayer Squat Tip (Part 2)

Payer Squat Tip (Part 2)

Earlier in the week we discussed adding ankle, hip, knee, and thoracic spine mobility via the prayer squat.  In Part 1, we did this exercise without shoes which requires a lot more mobility in the ankles and feet.  Sometimes this is difficult to accomplish because we do not yet have the mobility/strength or its too complex of a movement to start that way.

Easy way to fix this… Add shoes!  I know its not the best overall but by adding shoes it then supports the foot and ankle better which then allows you to focus your movements to the knee but mostly the hip and thoracic spine.  I encourage your to begin with this one if you have mobility issues, are too tight, have pain or if you find shoeless is not your preference.

Using shoes is a great building step for this pose to help deepen the strength and stamina of your mobility before you go shoeless.

Ep 286 – Change is Good!

Change is Good!

So I decided to shave my head because I needed a change!

It is as simple as that and many of you out there need to change as well.  Change your social life, your health habits, eating habits, etc.  Change always accompanies or sits beside fear.

Its always intimidating when you are about to do something new and different but that is where a lot of growth and learning occurs. Yes it may cost you some money and time but you will be better for it.

So what I am saying if you need or want better health you need to change for the better.  BEcome the person you want to be and commit to yourself and your healthy life!  You wont regret it and as I said before, you’ll be better because of it!


Ep 285 – Dealing With Injured Ribs From Jiu Jitsu

Ep 282 – What To Do When Your Injury Is Not Healing?

What to Do When Your Injury Is Not Healing?

Oh Do I get this question a lot. First, if you are injured or in pain you are already too late.  Pain and discomfort is a symptom of a problem that has been there and is often the very last sign.  Its like your body has been in dysfunction for a while but now your body is crying for help (aka Pain).

If your injury is not healing there are a few steps your need to do.

  1.  Seek a professional to help you with the treatment.  There is a lot of research that shows the faster you seek care the better the outcomes.  You do not want this injury to go chronic as it will lead to a longer treatment time, possible further complications and compensation of the body.
  2. If it is not healing fast enough you need to do something different.  For example if you are stretching a lot, you also need to strengthen and vice versa.  Have you given your injury the amount of a time and have you actually dedicated the time to exercise/rehab it?
  3. Is what you are doing helping it?  If you are not doing the correct exercise and/or getting the results you want chances are it is not helping.  Switch it up!
  4. Nutrition is the foundation for all our cells.  Promoting better health by actually eating foods and an anti-inflammatory diet can and will help your body heal faster.


Ep 279 – Should You Have Bread In Your Diet?

Should You Be Eating Bread?

Bread, is pretty much ubiquitous in the world and in the USA, the government recommends a fair amount of this in your diet but should you actually eat it?

My straight forward answer is NO!  Why?  Well, if you compare the calorie for calorie from bread to most other veggies and fruits you are going to have a significant difference in fiber, micro nutrients (minerals), and quantity of food .

One slice of bread is about 110-120 calories and remember, bread is a process to make.  Broccoli for example to have the equivalent amount of calories would be about 2 cups of broccoli and about 3 1/2 to 4X more Fiber!

Final thought, if you really want a healthier life and body, eat more fruits and veggies.  I am not totally anti-bread, especially if it is going to keep you on track but calorie for calorie, gram for gram, pound for pound, bread is inferior to raw or cooked fruits and veggies. Not to mention fruits and veggies have anti-oxidants and can play a major role in healing and reducing inflammation.

Ep 278 – Shoulder Pain Mash & Movement (Deltoid)

Deltoid Mash for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is something I pretty much see everyday! TRUE shoulder pain can stem from the rotator cuff due to poor mechanics.  As a result, the rotator cuff works too hard and boom, now you have a rotator cuff injury.

In order to get to the deeper structures within the shoulder you often have to get through the deltoid muscle.  This muscle is composed of front, back, and middle fibers and is essentially a flap of muscle the overlaps the entire shoulder.  Learning how to release this muscle can allow you to gain access (easier access) to the rotator cuff injury.  My advice, make sure you do this release first before you attempt other areas in the shoulder as it will loosen things up and make it much more effective.

Ep 277 – Why Jiu-Jitsu Fighters Should See a Chiropractor?

Ep 276 – When Should You Get An MRI?

Should You Get An MRI for Your Pain?

Most medical providers overuse the MRI technology.  Now before you or I jump to conclusions, I will say  that MRI and diagnostic imaging is important, there are times that it should be used, and you can get a lot of information from these images.

That being said, when you get injured the standard of care should be (and is) that you seek care first.  Essentially, you don’t just jump right into imaging an area.  First of all, its expensive.  Not only do you have to cover the costs of the imaging but the healthcare system has to cover the costs as well.  Seeking care and treatment first can often heal your pain, problem, and dysfunction.  As a result, if you “Fix” your problem then you not are only feeling better but you avoid excessive, unnecessary, and expensive procedures.

Realistically, you should wait and have had professional care for at least 4-8 weeks.  If after that time, then you should consider (notice I said consider) the possibility of the testing.  Symptoms or red flags such as worsening pain, increasing problems, traumas, progressive neurological changes should likely achieve or warrant such examination.

The truth is that many if not most people will get better and heal within time and with professional care.  That is the truth and stick with it!

Ep 275 – Is Alkaline Water Healthy?