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Ep 351 – Do You Have Back Pain While Doing Dishes?

Ep 340 – Beautiful Chiropractic Adjustment of Mid-Back, Low Back, & SI Joint

This video is a quick clip of the Chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) that we do in our office.  The adjustment is designed to help restore normal range of motion, blood flow, and help the nervous system via neuroplasticity.

Chiropractic adjustments to the spine have been shown to improve neural connections not only within the spine but there has been research that shows the increase in firing patterns within the brain.  Think Chiropractic is just good for the spine?  Think again….

The master controller of the body is the brain and spinal cord.  If you can stimulate the brain and cord to improve its firing you can directly and positively influence the body on a global level.  This includes low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain all the way to improvements in digestion, alertness and cognition.

Ep 319 – Is It Okay To Workout After A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Can You Workout/Exercise After Seeing The Chiropractor?

This is a Frequently asked question and the short answer is YES!

Your body is designed to move and you are designed to exercise.  Going to the gym or exercising after an adjustment is NOT going to mess up the adjustment!  As a matter of fact you will be neurologically more stimulated and physically more mobile and therefore it is likely more beneficial for you to exercise.

Exercise is critical if you want a healthy lifestyle.  There is no way around that and those who say not to exercise better have a good answer to it!  The only reason you may have to consider not exercising is if you are in a lot of pain or maybe your injury is still new and you are still recovering.  Either way, your goal should be to exercise again and to regain better movements and this may take some time but exercising will not “throw out” your Chiropractic adjustment.

307 – Release Your Shoulder, Chest, Spine With One Move

Ep 277 – Why Jiu-Jitsu Fighters Should See a Chiropractor?