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Ep. 354 – How to Release the Tricep & Shoulder?

How To Release The Triceps & Shoulder?

Releasing the tricep and shoulder (especially the tricep) is often an overlooked muscle when it comes to pain & function but releasing it typically free up nerve entrapments, shoulder pain, and elbow pain.

Why The Triceps?

The tricep has three muscle bellies and as we said before it can help with shoulder and elbow pain.  The tricep muscle has attaches all the way from the bottom of the shoulder and past the elbow.  In many cases, you can have an impingement of the axillary nerve that can get caught up at the posterior shoulder.  This is an interesting area because you have part of the rotator cuff and here and the tricep muscle that runs down.  In addition, the Radial nerve runs behind the arm and then runs down right next to the tricep.

So if you are having nerve entrapments in the back of the shoulder or even the arm, you can likely get some relief of pain by freeing up this muscle and allowing the nerve to slide and glide better.

What is the relation of the Triceps muscle & Elbow Pain?

The major extensor of the elbow is the triceps muscle and I often see this muscle (as well as the Anconeus mm) involved in pain that is directly behind the elbow.  Often times you will see this in active individuals who do powerful extension movements like tennis but this can be seen in a lot of people who lift (bench press/ push press).  Of course, this can occur in other movements but these are very common.

Typically, these people will get very localized pain at the back of the elbow so learning to roll out the tricep at the muscle belly is important.  In these cases, it may be necessary to treat the tricep tendon (but make sure you do not compress too hard on the tendon as it will be painful) and a bit past the elbow into other surrounding muscles.


The tricep muscle is often neglected in many injuries, rehabilitation, and even treatment by therapists.  Using myofascial release techniques via a foam roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, etc is a great way to mobilize that area so that you can create a better movement pattern for the shoulder, & the associated nerves, tendon to move properly.

If you are ever doing self myofascal release or any body work and you have increased pain or discomfort, it is always advised to stop, lighten the pressure, re-consider the movement, or seek professional help.

This muscle group is a great method to healing a lot of shoulder, nerve, and elbow pain so make sure you give it a try.

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Ep 340 – Beautiful Chiropractic Adjustment of Mid-Back, Low Back, & SI Joint

This video is a quick clip of the Chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) that we do in our office.  The adjustment is designed to help restore normal range of motion, blood flow, and help the nervous system via neuroplasticity.

Chiropractic adjustments to the spine have been shown to improve neural connections not only within the spine but there has been research that shows the increase in firing patterns within the brain.  Think Chiropractic is just good for the spine?  Think again….

The master controller of the body is the brain and spinal cord.  If you can stimulate the brain and cord to improve its firing you can directly and positively influence the body on a global level.  This includes low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain all the way to improvements in digestion, alertness and cognition.

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Ep 325 – Pelvic Rocker For Low Back Pain

Isolate Every Area of The Spine!

The pelvic rocker is a way to gain movement and isolate each individual spinal segment and can help you if you are suffering with lower back pain.  The reason it’s so effective is because its very localized, there is a lot of support in the spine, and you combine movement with stability exercises.  To complete this exercise you need a bench.  I recommend something with padding like a gym bench because its firm, has support, and is padded.  By leaning your hips and pelvis off the bench you will be placing the spine into extension.  Often times our spine does not go into this movement so it for some it feels very good, and for others its a very new movement and you need to proceed with caution (especially in those with active lower back pain).  After you get into this position (extension), its a good idea to hold it there for 1-5 seconds.  From this position, you want to engage the core, fire your gluts, and perform a posterior pelvic tilt.  This will fore the spine and core to tighten up.  You should repeat this process and then move around to different segments of the spine.

This exercise can really help with lower back pain because it allows a lot of motion but forces your body to activate its core.

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Ep 278 – Shoulder Pain Mash & Movement (Deltoid)

Deltoid Mash for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is something I pretty much see everyday! TRUE shoulder pain can stem from the rotator cuff due to poor mechanics.  As a result, the rotator cuff works too hard and boom, now you have a rotator cuff injury.

In order to get to the deeper structures within the shoulder you often have to get through the deltoid muscle.  This muscle is composed of front, back, and middle fibers and is essentially a flap of muscle the overlaps the entire shoulder.  Learning how to release this muscle can allow you to gain access (easier access) to the rotator cuff injury.  My advice, make sure you do this release first before you attempt other areas in the shoulder as it will loosen things up and make it much more effective.

Ep 245 – Mobilization to Help Neck Pain, Improve Cervical Curve, and Headaches

What is Graston Technique?

Discover Graston Technique.  This video provides a brief introduction and explanation on how Graston is applied and works on the body.