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Ep 362 – Plantar Fascia & Foot Pain Stretch

Ep. How to Get Mobility In the Mid-Back, Lat, and Shoulder?

Ep 352 – Why Do You Go to the Gym?

Ep. 350 – How to Mash & Release the Upper Trap Muscle

Ep 345 – Rocktape for Wrist Sprain

Ep 336 – Shoulder Rehab, Posterior Deltoid & Rotator Cuff

Ep 334 – Spine Rolling to Standing (One & Two Leg Variations)

Ep 331 – Mash Roll & Move.

MASH Roll and MOVE! 

This technique can be used for most areas of the body.  It is a lot more effective when you add MOVEMENT to your already existing mobility exercises.  Yes, it is more advanced but if you can do it then why not?  First, start by warming up the muscle and foam rolling.  Now, you can do this in any manner that you have in the past but the issue is that most people do not try new things!  So after you do your “normal” stuff, then try to mash and mobilize the muscles by using different directions.  Using different directions and rolling side to side allows you get fibers and areas of the muscle you may have missed.

Okay, so now you are really warmed up. Let’s add movement!  Start by mashing and then taking the joint and muscle through a full range of motion.  Yes, it will be a little harder and possibly more tender but you can most definitely (and I recommend this) lighten up on how hard you mash.  Remember, this is a technique that can be applied to other areas of the body.  Doing this technique can help elongate the fibers, reduce risk of injury, promote healing, blood flow, and reduce scar tissue formation.  All of this can help improve how you move and thus reduce pain!

Ep 329 – Get a Deeper Hip Flexor Stretch

Ep 324 – How To Recover From Intense Training

Ep 319 – Is It Okay To Workout After A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Can You Workout/Exercise After Seeing The Chiropractor?

This is a Frequently asked question and the short answer is YES!

Your body is designed to move and you are designed to exercise.  Going to the gym or exercising after an adjustment is NOT going to mess up the adjustment!  As a matter of fact you will be neurologically more stimulated and physically more mobile and therefore it is likely more beneficial for you to exercise.

Exercise is critical if you want a healthy lifestyle.  There is no way around that and those who say not to exercise better have a good answer to it!  The only reason you may have to consider not exercising is if you are in a lot of pain or maybe your injury is still new and you are still recovering.  Either way, your goal should be to exercise again and to regain better movements and this may take some time but exercising will not “throw out” your Chiropractic adjustment.

Ep 288 – How Training Injured Helped My BJJ Game (Jiu-Jitsu)


How Rolling/Training Jiu-Jitsu Injured Helped My Game

In Jiu-Jitsu and many athletic sports its not if you get injured but when.  Many of the athletes that I see range from active hobbiest to elite olympic level athletes and they both have the same thing in common… that is that they do not want to stop playing or competing in their activity.

Recently I suffered an injury to my hand and finger so when it comes to grabbing anything in the Gi, well, no deal.  So just like many other people, you have to improvise and accommodate to your situation rather than completely stop.

If you are reading this, then I am sure that you likely refuse to quit your sport or activity as well and I am here as athlete and professional to tell you that you DO NOT HAVE TO and you likely should not.

What you should do is modify you activity and activity intensity.  In jiu-jitsu, you may have to do that as well as the techniques.  In my case, I was able to develop better back takes (and I got my guard passed/turtle a lot), and predict movements over and over because I was getting in the same position over and over due to the injury and inability to attack/defend certain position.

Anyway, if you are suffering pain and an injury you should do a few things.  One, take care of it and go so a professional.  The faster you do, the more at ease you will be with it and you will likely have a plan to get better faster!  Second, modify your technique and activity rather if you need to so you can stay healthy and active while still building skills and treating the injury properly.

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