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Watch how Dan healed up his lower back pain and sciatica and is now back doing the exercises he loves!

After 15 Years, DC Finally Feels WELL and is no longer having shoulder and neck pain.

Listen to how a professional athlete (Jiu-Jitsu) used sports Chiropractic and rehabilitation to heal his lower back pain and nerve pain.

Dr. Josh Jagoda treats a lot of professionals and here is shouted out via a past patient who is a radio talk show host.

As a full time martial arts instructor, I rely on my body and try to keep it in top condition so I can provide my students optimal training. Dr.Jagoda  aside from being a top jiu-jitsu practitioner and awesome dude, is the only person I rely on when it comes to getting me properly aligned and helping to stay injury free. He is very knowledgeable and I recommend him to anyone who comes to me with any health issues.

I started seeing Dr. Josh after having acute pain in my right shoulder post workout one day. The symptoms had been lasting one week, even after seeing another chiropractor. In addition, I could not train for my sport.My shoulder was not the only issue. I had disc problems in my cervical spine, as well as an old lingering injury in my lower back. I was a mess – always fighting some kind of pain – and very uncomfortable.  I have a long history with shoulder problems. I have had two surgeries and poor mobility.  I was very concerned because I had a competition coming up and was leaving for school in just 2 months, which did not give Dr. Josh very much time to diagnose and treat me, or so I thought.

I have seen over a dozen different doctors for my various shoulder and neck issues and most of them have either told me to stop lifting or that my shoulder would always give me problems.  As soon as I stepped into Dr. Josh’s office, I told him, “if you cant fix me, I’ll leave. I am serious about Olympic weightlifting and I want to continue on with my sport.”  He looked at me and said that we would figure it out.  After a long first session of being twisted every which way to figure out the source of the issues, Dr. Josh started working on me.  The next day my shoulder pain was gone. It was not a temporary fix. The pain stayed away all summer and still has to this day. I saw Dr. Josh two to three times a week for the rest of the summer. My neck took a little longer to deal with but I feel completely different than when I first started seeing him.

Dr. Josh came to one of my weekend long competitions to work on me and a few other athlete’s from my gym.  He kept us going when we needed him most and was more than happy to do so!  I have had ART before, but I have never had a doctor so truly invested in my sport and my well being, both mental and physical.  One of the biggest reasons I was upset to leave home for school in MA was because I would be leaving Dr. Josh treatments.  Every time I came home I made sure to try and see Dr. Josh, he worked on me and made sure he fit me into his busy schedule.

I have been a patient of Dr. Josh Jadoga for almost two years and he is an absolutely outstanding chiropractor! He cares for his patients with a tremendous amount of expertise, kindness, and understanding;  always making you feel like you are the only person being treated by him that day. Whenever I was in pain or had taken a bad fall, I was seen by him right away without any wait and experienced immediate results feeling so much better by that evening or the next day! He always puts the patient first, giving you time to explain the problem and formulating a method of treatment that is customized to each individual person. He really took the time to know me not only as a patient but also as a friend, making me feel welcome with each visit. I can honestly say that he is an extremely skilled physician and a very caring individual who definitely puts all of himself into his work!

Dr. Josh Jagoda was my Chiropractor for over a year and a half. My experiences with Dr. Josh have been exceptional and positive.   I have always dreamed of completing an Ironman (2.4 miles swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run) but I never imagined it would be possible because of various injuries I had suffered in the past (such as IT Band problems).  When I first met Dr. Josh I had a hamstring injury.  Dr. Josh used a technique I was not familiar with called Graston.   I recovered from the injury in just a few short visits and I have not had IT band problems since going to Dr. Josh.    Not long after working with him I decided I would train for a Half Ironman race.  I knew it would take a lot of work just to keep my body in top shape for all of the training but Dr. Josh was confident he could help me achieve my goals.  We worked together on a weekly basis during my training season to keep my body functioning at the highest level possible.  I was training 10-14 hours a week.  Dr. Josh has a lot of experience working with athletes, which benefited me.  He uses ART, Graston and many other techniques not known to me in the past.  During my training for the race I suffered from plantar fasciitis.  He was able to help me overcome this persistent while still training.   Dr. Josh not only helped me with my physical issues, but he also was there for me on a mental/personal level.  Dr. Josh could always tell if I was having a hard week with my training.   He would motivate and encourage me to stay focused, take a rest day, go to a yoga class for mental strength and most importantly he always believed in me.   Josh was dedicated to getting me across the finish line and helping me on my way to achieving my dream of completing an Ironman-he was part of my “team”.  I am training for two half ironman’s in 2014 and my goal is to cross the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid in 2015.  Without the help, dedication and knowledge of Dr. Josh I truly believe I wouldn’t be reaching for my dream of finishing an Ironman!

I started seeing Dr. J because of constant headaches caused by neck and shoulder pain.  He has done a great job of helping me ease and manage my pain and has been successful at keeping me headache free on almost a daily basis!  I am almost afraid to go anywhere other than where I can be treated by Dr. J.  He is an excellent chiropractor that I would recommend to anyone!