If you’re still having low back pain despite all the exercises we have given you, there could be a missing link in your rehab!  

That said, have you been walking?

Yes, walking!
Nothing fancy, just plain ol’ walking!

Walking is one the BEST forms of exercise and fitness that have the least amount of risks and the MOST amount of rewards.  Not only will it help with total blood flow,  but you will get core movements in there too.  Evidence shows walking is good for SO many things including low back pain!

If you have low back pain, try to start with 10 minutes per day.  Heck, break it up into 5-minute sessions and build up if this is an issue for you!

While walking seems too easy to do, it really is one of the best starter exercises to enhance mood, and recovery, build strength, and stamina, and reduce pain.

It is so easy to do that most people search all day for exercises online but they ignore this foundational exercise!  Don’t do that!

Don’t overthink this one here and just go for a gentle walk and see how you feel!


Dr. Josh